One year on, El Universal is fully “hegemonized”

Caracas Chronicles

CIIj_QUW8AAAVAWOne full year after El Universal, one of Venezuela’s oldest and largest newspapers, was bought by HegemonCorp., its opinion pages have been purged, journalists have been fired, its main cartoonist Rayma was unceremoniously dumped and its new editorial line has become insipid.

HegemonCorp.’s alleged 120 million dollars takeover has paid off, even at the cost of the paper’s reputation and of the promises made by incoming chairman Jesus Abreu Anselmi just days after assuming his post.

In recent days, El Universal continued its censorious ways by dropping a couple of articles: One, an interview with Venezuelan comedian Emilio Lovera and the other, an opinion piece about the state of LGBT rights in the country.

What did they have in common? Indirect criticism of the government.

First up, El Universal was supposed to run an interview by journalist Daniel Fermin with Emilio Lovera, who’s promoting his latest movie “Paquete #3”

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