Lo de “Manipulating postcolonial sensitivities” es contigo, Dilma

Caracas Chronicles

wallenberg-2008-desmond-tutu There can’t be many world figures today who speak with greater moral authority than the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu. Today, he takes to the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page with a powerful plea on behalf of Leopoldo López and Venezuela’s other political prisoners, explicitly condemning the moral cowardice with which Latin American leaders have ducked the issue:

Mr. López recently completed his 16th month in jail for his role in helping organize the [2014] protests. This is not a criminal offense, and he should be a free man. He has advocated peaceful responses to injustice; he has urged the people of Venezuela to resolve their problems in accordance with the country’s constitution. Much as with other practitioners of nonviolence—Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.—Mr. López is paying a high price for his pursuit of justice. Now that the hunger strike has ended, I urge the Maduro government to allow the Red…

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