If BOOBS Could Kill

Caracas Chronicles

rosita Photo: Misión Verdad (We are going to hell)

Remember Caraemuerto?

Luidig Ochoa (a.k.a. Caraemuerto) was the alleged criminal in recovery who survived fifteen shots (three in the face), created a successful web series, and the love interest of T&A slapstick comedienne Jimena Araya (a.k.a. Rosita). They dated until the day of his death, when he was shot three more times and ran out of lives to survive them.

Rosita, featured in the pic above (or at least a part of her), has quite a record of her own. She started off as a model for TV channel RCTV (one of Chavez’s communicational hegemony first casualties), and more recently one of the silicone-clad stars of “A que te ríes” a booby-joke comedy show in Venevision.

Rosita embodies the call girl aesthetics made popular in Venezuela by funky TV shows, beauty pageants, and the doings of an evil…

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