Esequibo Rift Update

Caracas Chronicles

2015-01-22T021410Z_1007930001_LYNXMPEB0L02I_RTROPTP_4_PORTADA-ECONOMIA-VENEZUELA-SISTEMACAMBIARIO-900x600-e1435632080404-680x453 Yesterday, you said tomorrow… so JUST DO IT

One week ago, Nicolas Maduro announced during his weekly TV show that he would address the National Assembly on June 25th, in order to present what he calls “…the official position in defense of the historic claim, the dispute over the Esequibo, and to ask for the national unity…”.

Then the speech was postponed for the following day. And then again for today June 30th. And just hours ago, the long-awaited speech has been postponed yet again for an unspecific date to be announced “opportunely”.

No official reasons have been given for any of the three postponements.

Regardless of what could be causing the delay for something so important, the central government’s core argument over this diplomatic beef with Guyana remains the same though: This is all because of the evil, greedy ExxonMobil. This opinion isn’t shared…

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