In Iowa, Bobby Jindal Somehow Manages To Blame Obama For Iraq, While Praising Bush


Two days ago, when the one and only Ragin Cajun, James Carville, was in the middle of a passionate, 30-minute long commencement address at LSU’s Manship School of Communication, Gov, Bobby Jindal was in Iowa, taping the latest edition of “Iowa Press.”

Carville implored students, parents, faculty members, and everyone within earshot (including those, like me, who watched the speech live on the web) to redouble their commitment to LSU and the American public education system, tracing its origins all the way back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and reminding the audience that it was our most famous and beloved Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who signed the law that provided land grants for colleges and universities all over the country, including LSU. Carville’s point was simple but profound. He acknowledged that some may only want to hear him through the lens of politics, but this, he said, was different…

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