Economic crisis and the price of beauty

Caracas Chronicles

16-(2)_37Venezuela is known for its beautiful women –if we are allowed to say so ourselves.

But our high beauty standards are expensive, and no stranger to scarcity. So a negative involuntary consequence –what us economist usually call a “negative externality”- of the current economic crisis is that we are becoming less and less tidy, stylish, and flirty.

Let’s not forget the very popular Venezuelan saying:

“No hay mujer fea, sino mal arreglada”

-There is no such thing as an ugly woman. Just an unkempt one.

We decided to ask the opinion of experts: our more-than-girly girlfriends. The question: how is the current economic crisis affecting the beauty habits of Venezuelan women?

The beauty salon is a must… up to what we can afford.

Beauty salons used to be full, at all times. The smell of burnt hair and nail polish would let you know that there was beauty in the making only a few…

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