My AWP 2015: Reflection No. 2

Vanessa Martir's Blog


What am I thinking of today: community, how we hold each other. The many times I was reminded of love at AWP, even in those moments where I was lost and anxious and unhinged. And I’m thinking about why we write what we write. Why I write what I write…

My second day at AWP was in a word: hard. It started with news that VONA’s Executive Director Diem Jones was injured, so I did what I do and ran to the Book Fair though I wasn’t slated to be there. I was needed, so I went.

I was standing there alone, setting up, when it happened. A black man, skin smooth and shiny, walked by. I looked up and saw the back of his head. I saw him: my brother. He’s been gone for a year and ten months now, so I knew it wasn’t him, but that didn’t…

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