Dollhead ~ A return to fiction

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Today I went to a Writing Fiction from Memory workshop facilitated by Chantel Acevedo. I hadn’t been on the student side in so long and I hadn’t written fiction in years but I went in with an open mind, ready to work. I feel like I rediscovered my love for fiction! I wrote this short story that I really, really love. Does it need work? Sure. But the story is there! For a while I’ve felt like I lost my fiction chops. I mean, I have a novel (my second one) I abandoned because memoir took over. Today I learned that no, this is just a break…maybe even a short one.

I’m so excited about the short story I wrote that I’m posting it because, I mean, why the hell not, right? Enjoy!

The Dollhead by Vanessa Mártir

I was up in the plum tree when I saw him climbing over…

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